What is parktronik and for what it is necessary?

Parking radar, in common people, parktronik - the device helping successfully to park.

Parktronik will measure distance at a parking of the car to the nearest obstacle, simultaneously displaying on the display distance and submitting a sound signal.

It is especially irreplaceable in bad weather and a night-time.

Installation parktronika pays off economy on bumper repair, after all use of the gauge of a parking the risk of damage of a bumper comes to naught.

Gauges, total number from 2 to 8 run into a rear or front bumper.

As a rule, in a rear bumper I establish 2-3-4 gauges, and in a front bumper it is possible to put two or four.

Gauges happen silvery and black colour. Black it is possible to paint colour of the car, it will not damage to technical characteristics of gauges. Parking gauges happen two sizes: B 20,5мм and D 18,5мм.

For correct removal of indications, gauges should be stirred strictly vertically (concerning the earth) on distance 50 - 60см.

If a bumper with an inclination at installation parktronika are used special prostavochnye rings.

Quite often in names of models parktronikov the letter ”J” (BJ is used or DJ) it means that between the gauge and the block there is a socket.

The indicator (monitor) can be established in any place convenient for the driver.

If you hand over back on mirrors parktronik it is necessary to place on a torpedo and if, at a parking look back, to establish it better in a car rear. Some indicators are equipped by beepers (they give a sound signal about approach to an obstacle: the the obstacle is closer, the more often the signal), a digital scale (the distance in centimetres and an obstacle site is reflected) also is more shrill.

How the model parktronika is deciphered?

Let's admit, you have got parktronik 4-DJ-13

4 - number of gauges;

DJ - the gauge has the size 18,5мм with a socket between the block and the gauge;

13 is number of the indicator

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