For what boots are necessary?

Boots are necessary for three reasons.

  1. Carry out protective function - preserve an internal upholstery;
  2. Give the chance to replace tone of "native" seats on more original or practical.
  3. With their help it is possible to update and freshen an interior.

There are motorists who prefer to all materials a skin. It is prestigious, stylishly, but in the summer too hot, and in the winter coldly. Compromise, but the useful decision - capes on sitting. And the skin in interior is not closed, and health is kept. Capes can be bilaterial - "winter-summer" (a wool or plashchevka (for skiers) - flax or a clap). The variant with heating up from prikurivatelja is possible. And here "korpeshka" - the flat pillow on sitting (with heating up and without) will manage to brighten up to you long trips in the winter, and will save from characteristic illnesses of the driver. With approach of summer it can be cleaned.

The tendency to increase in number of the drivers preferring boots from natural materials (a clap, flax, a wool) is observed. It is considered that such fabric creates a non-polluting microclimate in a passenger compartment. To put it mildly, it is not absolutely exact. Judge - the majority of finishing

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