Turbines on the Japanese cars (Part II)


Let's give an example from practice. The repaired turbo-supercharging, having fulfilled 6000 km without any remarks, it is suddenly sharp zavereshchal. Business was in the winter, in frosts. As the owner of the car told, it hastened, therefore, having left Arsenyev to Vladivostok (the way remote), drove all road, how many it is possible, the blessing the car and road allowed. Has arrived home, has put the car on parking, at once having blanked off the engine. In the street the frost far for S.Utrom's 20 degrees has got - sharp, unpleasant metal howl a turbo-supercharging. It has appeared that from a sharp temperature difference the pig-iron snail of the turbine was deformed, and krylchatka began to touch it. Under magnifying glass on bearings traces stanochnoj processings were distinctly looked through, deterioration was absent. After replacement of a snail t/n worked without remarks.

It was t/n firms Toyota ST-20, the engine 2LT. Similar cases were and on others t/n this firm - СТ-9, СТ-12. But there can be a situation even worse when from temperature differences and an old age there is a crack in the end of the ring port of a snail of the turbine. Extending further, it can lead

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