Turbines on the Japanese cars (Part I)

Not very well, what inscription is put on your car: "TURBO" or "TWIN TURBO", speech in that and other case goes about a turbo-supercharging. In this article it will be a question that such the turbo-supercharging as with it to address that it as it is possible longer did not deliver efforts and that it is possible to make if these efforts arise.

Basic distinctions in the turbo-supercharging device (further under the text - t/n) are not present, there are distinctions in sizes, designs of some knots, execution t/n. We will consider its work and the device on an example of one of the most mass, though and not the most reliable t/n Toyota СТ-20.

The term "turbine" often applied to a designation t/n, not absolutely corresponds to true as the turbine is only one of components t/n. T/n consists of the case, a shaft with krylchatkami, two basic and one persistent plain bearers, system of the sealings, two snails in which rotate krylchatki. On all this design the pneumatic circuit putting in action bajpasnyj (perepusknoj) the valve (on some models it is absent) is hung. Bypass valve appointment - to regulate turns of the turbine and, accordingly, productivity of the compressor. When

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