The steering booster

The hydraulic booster of a wheel (GUR) not only provides comfort, but also raises traffic safety. It helps the driver to keep the control over the car even in case of rupture of the front tyre. Reliability of this expensive device depends on timely service.

In occurrence of boosters has resulted necessity to lower the effort applied by the driver to a steering wheel that is especially important for lorries. Even at the difficult device and, as consequence, high cost hydraulic boosters have gained the big distribution thanks to that besides the basic function (strengthening) they:

  • allow to reduce a steer transmission ratio. It reduces quantity of turns of a wheel between its extreme positions and, accordingly, increases manoeuvrability;
  • soften the blows transferred to a wheel from roughnesses of road, reducing fatigue of the driver and helping to keep a wheel at rupture of the front tyre;
  • keep driving possibility at a booster exit out of operation;
  • provide «feeling of road» and kinematic watching action (see more low).

The hydraulic booster device

The wheel booster  is the hydraulic system consisting of following elements.

The pump provides pressure and circulation of a working liquid in system. The greatest distribution was received by lamellar pumps thanking their high to. The item

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