Some councils about repair of the Japanese car


Tightening any rubber belt it is necessary to remember: the tuzhe will tighten a belt, the the bearing of the unit resulted in rotation by this belt will fast fail. So, if at a starting engine operation a generator belt slightly probuksuet, or it will occur with remenem the steering booster, in it there is nothing criminal. On the contrary, it means that belts are not drawn also bearings will be more whole.


Before to start resetting of valves, to be exact, thermal spacings in them, measure already existing spacings. All valves cannot be regulated at once.

Regulate on size of the least spacing.

In the Japanese cars of spacings 0,15 mm in valves there are less does not happen, and even such small spacings from 0,35 to 0,45 mm happen only on diesel engines. Usually a spacing - 0,20-0,25 mm.


It is possible to replace any overseas epiploon on domestic, the main thing that it was the same rotation.

The arrow will specify in a rotation direction on its case of risk on a work face of an epiploon and, sometimes.

But all the same, it is necessary to grind, make something barrels etc.

"Drowned man"

If the car has sunk, i.e. has visited under water:

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