Rubber purchase (Part II)


Tyres with a symmetric tread pattern:

Symmetric tyres, possessing decent characteristics, have one, but very important advantage is an indicator the price-quality. For many automobile owners this indicator is solving, after all not for all super-characteristics on the big speeds are necessary, and qualitative tyres are necessary to much inexpensive, but.

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4. Whether it is possible to put tyres with a different standard size or a tread pattern on different shafts of the car?

By rules of traffic you are obliged to put tyres of one standard size, with identical drawing, on one shaft of the car.

On different shafts you can put different steams of tyres, under condition of conformity to their type and to the size recommended by factory by the manufacturer of the car.

However use of tyres with a different standard size and drawing leads, as a rule, to deterioration of the technical characteristics put by factory by the manufacturer. Deterioration of roadability of the car, increase in a brake way, increase in propensity to drift etc. is possible.


Cтарайтесь to use identical tyres on all four wheels if so recommends factory the manufacturer of your car.

If to speak about a winter spiked tyre here all is much more difficult. In

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