Rubber purchase (Part I)

Correctly picked up wheels is an and solid economy of money (at the reasonable approach you will be for a long time relieved of unnecessary expenditure on pereobuvanie a car), and quiet safe driving (wheels will not bring at an emergency brake application and will not blow up unexpectedly at hit in an asphalt breach), and pleasure of is simple that a four-wheel companion is faultlessly obedient to you and can show everything, on what is capable.

Is better, if to you the expert helps to pick up wheels, taking into account mark of your car, style of driving, specificity of roads, on which cars moves. Certainly, some knowledge in the field of automobile rubber to you are necessary, at least not to fall for the bait the unfair sellers, trying to sell, using lack of information of buyers, the illiquid goods.

Here the a little especially widespread questions arising at buyers of tyres:         

1. What tyres to buy? More widely or already? Above or more low?

The factory recommends tyres of a different standard size for the same car. It depends on that:

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