Practical guidance on cleaning of the car from snow and ice

As it is banal will sound, but with a soft bristle and a plastic scraper (or that and another together) in the car it is necessary to have a brush, even if he spends the night in garage.

Do not go to a way, without having brushed away snow from the car. Gradually the roof from interior gets warm, and snow, having melted, can slip at braking on a windshield, completely having closed visibility. For the speed the melted snow big "rags" »will fly from the car, without delivering pleasure going behind.

Sweep away snow from the car, without waiting, when it will melt. Having frozen, it can damage enamel and a varnish on a body. It is not necessary to clean off the frozen snow, it is possible to damage a paint and varnish covering.

Ice clean off only from glasses. Hardness of ice and plastic of scrapers considerably below hardness has flown down, and they will not cause harm to it. And here plastic details of the car and a paint and varnish covering of a body to scratch both ice, and scraper plastic simply.

Sweep away snow from all glasses before a trip, a wind it practically does not blow off, and

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