Peugeot 508 - new generation!

Company Peugeot Russia with pride represents a lineup novelty - Peugeot 508, new generation of the French mark in class Gran Turismo. This model harmoniously connects high standards and an emotionality. In the car technologies of new generation e-HDi and HYbrid4, elegant sculptural forms, comfortable conditions for passengers and the unique driver's experience embodying the best workings out, marks Peugeot saved up for 200-year-old history are realised.

Having exhausted Peugeot 508, the French brand continues a course on leadership on a global scale. The new car will be made in France for all Europe, and also in China for this purpose the most dynamical for today of the automobile market. Two versions of this model - a sedan and the versatile person - will go on sale in Europe in the beginning of 2011.

Start Peugeot 508 will allow the French manufacturer to strengthen the positions in a historical segment for itself - Gran Turismo. For decades of work in this class the company has exhausted a number of successful models 40х and 50х series, each of which became a symbol of the epoch.

The last decades have considerably changed shape and requirements of clients Peugeot, which steels more dynamical, exacting and exacting. In full conformity with wishes of clients, Peugeot 508 offers a modern view on class Gran Turismo and embodies turning movement to the future.

Quality, cleanliness of lines and forms, efficiency - key characteristics of model Peugeot 508 which have laid down in a basis of its concept:

  • The Ex-terrier - balanced and elegant design Peugeot 508 reflects evolution of style of mark and the design for the first time realised in concept car SR1.
  • The Interior - the refined and technological registration of interior Peugeot 508 differs the highest quality at level of models of the higher price category. Convenient both for the driver, and for passengers, the car is equipped by a volume luggage compartment, a totality of details, and also the important trifles guaranteeing the maximum comfort onboard.
  • The Ecological compatibility based on optimisation of weight of the car, its aerodynamics and road performance.

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