Original spare parts - pro and contra

It turns out that to the people, doing not wish to go into details manufactures of autospare parts, the best variant - purchase of original spare parts. But such approach is hardly true: the difference in the prices for the same detail between original avtozapchastju and other exceeds sometimes the tenfold size. And here it is necessary to know that the buyer can receive for the money, and than, from the point of view of reliability and durability, from each other sold spare parts differ.

In representations of car factories the high price on original zapchast explain market relations: selling cost is defined by local marketing department, proceeding from a situation in the market. (By the way, price-lists of representations of the company in the different countries can strongly differ from each other, paternal dealers with pleasure deliver the original details legally bought somewhere abroad to Russia. In this case cheaper price will not mean a fake.) And here expression «a payment for a logo» has caused the obvious protest in employees of representations. As they said, first, putting on a detail the badge, the autoconcern incurs guarantee certificates and bears all responsibility for quality of a detail. Secondly, each car factory

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