How to increase life cycle of wheels?

In tyres the certain air pressure should be supported. However materials of which they are made, are not absolutely tight, therefore air gradually disappears through chamber walls (especially in summertime), and pressure is inside depressed. Besides, chamber or tyre damage (beskamernoj), defects of a valve core of the gate and details of its fastening to a rim (for tubeless tyres), and also untimely check of an air pressure can be the reason of an insufficient air pressure. It is impossible to judge an internal pressure in the tyre ’ approximately ’ or on a sound at blow on a tyre cover as thus it is possible to be mistaken on 20-30 %.

Tyres with the depressed internal pressure lose the elasticity. In such cases probably provorachivanie tyre covers on a rim, causing a separation of the gate of the chamber or its collapse in a zone of fastening of the gate. Resistance kacheniju wheels, and thereof, fuel consumption considerably grows also increases. Pressure decrease in the tyre can be defined easily: on the increased deformation of the tyre, on withdrawal of the car towards a wheel with a lack of pressure and to roadability deterioration. The framework break is possible that, to

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