Four groups of autospare parts

• Original spare parts.

For the automobile factory which is, as a matter of fact, only the collector of cars, independent manufacture of accessories, as a rule, is not meaningful. Therefore by working out of new model, the automobile concern orders details on the party. Among prospective suppliers the tender is arranged, and the car factory puts forward a number of rigid requirements on quality, terms of delivery, rhythm.

And requirements to quality and characteristics of details can exceed base requirements of branch standards. As a result to the enterprise which has won the tender, the technical project in which critical parametres on which base the supplier designs a detail are specified stands out, makes and sends a part from them - on the assembly conveyor, a part - on warehouses of dealer car-care centres, preliminary having packed these details into boxes with an autoconcern badge. Manufacturers of the same detail can be a little (for example, on Mercedes put headlights of firms Hella and Bosch), they can vary, and under the law the autocollector is obliged to provide the market original zapchastju, within ten years from the moment of the termination of release of model.

• Spare parts from factory suppliers

Manufacturers original spare

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