The factors causing raised deterioration of tyres ( Part II)

The tyre heat at kachenii accelerates process of collapse of a material of a tyre cover in places of its damage even more. As a result the small bore from a cut or a puncture gradually expands, causing otsloenie a tread or bokoviny. Partial rupture of a framework turns in through and leads to stratification of a framework and chamber damage. The small mechanical damage which in due time has been not repaired, can cause in process of its increase unexpected rupture of the tyre in a way and to become the reason of road and transport incident. Untimely repair of big mechanical and other damages increases volume of repair even more and promotes collapse of tyres. Especially serious reason of premature collapse of the new and restored tyres is their untimely removal from the car for delivery accordingly on the first and repeated restoration. If the tyre has not passed repeated restoration, the resource of its durability means is used not completely.

According to NIISHPa, breakdowns and framework ruptures occur in tyres with worn out basically on 80... 90 % a tread pattern. Presence on tyres of breakdowns and framework ruptures reduces life cycle of the new and restored tyres, does

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