The factors causing raised deterioration of tyres ( Part I)

The problem of the prevention of premature deterioration and collapse of tyres is rather difficult and connected with ability to define their kinds, unmistakably to establish the reason which has caused each concrete collapse of the tyre. All tyres which have left operation, divide on two categories: with normal and with premature deterioration (or collapse). As the Normal wear or collapse of the new and initially restored tyres consider the natural deterioration which is coming at performance by the tyre of operational norm of run and not excluding its restoration. The normal wear or collapse of repeatedly restored tyre consider the deterioration which has come on performance of it of operational norm of run irrespective of suitability or unfitness of this tyre to the subsequent restoration. Tyres with deterioration and the collapse, not answering to the specified criterion, concern 2nd category (prematurely worn out).

Tyres with deterioration of 1st category are divided on two groups: suitable for restoration where the new both earlier restored tyres concern, and unsuitable for restoration where the tyres restored more of 1 time concern only.

Tyres with deterioration of 2nd category are divided also into 2 groups: with deterioration (collapse) of operational character and with industrial defect. Deterioration

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