Correct operation of the diesel engine in the winter

The accumulator

Diesel engines because of considerable compression ratios and higher, than at gasoline engines, starting turns demand presence from the accumulator of the raised capacity (about capacity speech does not go) which is characterised by size of a starting current.

As a result in winter conditions it is not recommended to use accumulators with a starting current more low 320 And on diesel engines though on gasoline engines AKB with smaller starting currents of problems do not create.

Problems can arise with the accumulator which has served on a diesel engine more than 3 years. But do not hasten to throw out it. If to rearrange such accumulator on the gasoline engine as all falls into place also the accumulator can with honour serve some more years to the new, petrol friend.

Such incidents also should be considered.

  • It is necessary to check up electrolyte level. In the summer it is somehow forgotten, and sometimes it appears that in the accumulator chilly.
  • it is necessary to give Special attention vyvodnym to plugs AKB and a starter, and also to tips of wires which should be cleared of oxidation.
  • At low temperatures the capacity of the accumulator battery for the natural reasons considerably decreases, to it high transitive

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