Cooperation with suppliers

The most reliable mode to get autospare parts by the gross for the Russian car is a cooperation with the reliable large supplier. He will offer original autospare parts by the gross, and also qualitative details from the checked up foreign manufacturers.

If to wholesale autospare parts at such dealer, together with quality assurances and compatibility of details with each other the buyer will receive also economy of means. The large supplier supports close connections with manufacturers so, has possibility to sell the goods without overestimate of the prices which is inevitable when the detail in the course of realisation passes through several intermediaries.

Important problem which all companies and the private persons getting autospare parts by the gross face, - returning and an exchange of the rejected details. The main thing here that all bought spare parts were provided with a guarantee of the manufacturer, and their use in concrete cars has been approved by the factory producing these cars. In this case all claims will be considered by manufacturers, and the final buyer can count on the timely resolution of disputes.

Each large company delivering autospare parts by the gross, accepts claims on quality of the goods and further sends them on

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