Cheap but good - repairing of the muffler

It is not necessary to be the mechanic of the highest class to understand, if small legkovushka starts to growl like the tank, especially at gas addition - the muffler has damages. Or simply speaking "sechet". Certainly, to replace the muffler - and problems as did not happen, however not always this muffler it is easy to find. And the more so not always it especially cheap. And among domestic motorists will be for certain enough the big percent such for whom to restore it would seem a part not subject to restoration - a point of honour. In article the sequence of operations, necessary for repair of the damaged muffler by means of the gas-welding device, a tin and hammer piece is resulted.

As restoration of the muffler is anyhow connected with welding - probability to receive handful of the heated scale for collar is very great. The accident prevention requirement one - dismantle of a restored part. That it is easier to tell than make. Bolts and nuts under the influence of extremely difficult environment and heats tightly prikipajut to each other. And they often should be cut.


For repair of the muffler the most usual quite approaches kuzovnaja a tin.

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