Care of the accumulator

Duration of serviceability of the accumulator depends in many respects on correct care of it. It should be kept clean as than more untidily its surface that goes its self-category more intensively. At maintenance operation it is recommended to wipe its surface of 10 % - a solution of liquid ammonia or kaltsinirovannoj soda then to wipe pure dry rags.

During accumulator gymnastics gases which considerably raise pressure inside banok are allocated, therefore it is necessary to watch a condition of vent holes and nedopuskat their zasarenija. As at gymnastics are allocated detonating gas the accumulator gymnastics are necessary for spending in well aired premise and as it is impossible to inspect the charged accumulator with open fire. For maintenance of long term of the accumulator, its gymnastics are necessary for making in sootvetsvii with the instruction of the manufacturer.

It is necessary to watch cleanliness of dowels and klem drive gears, to watch electrolyte level in banks, especially during hot time. During hot time it is recommended to check level each 5-6 days, and during such time through 2-2,5 thousand in km of run. If electrolyte level has decreased, it is necessary to add distilirovannuju water.

For a long-term storage of the automobile

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