Basis of a suspender - absorbers (Part II)


At absorber work it is necessary to provide set of various variants and characteristics of its functioning. After all the road has much more difficult covering, than in the theory, and the car goes not always on a straight line. It is a lot of nuances. For example, some consecutive hummocks force it to work falteringly: without having had time to be straightened plainly, the absorber again should work on compression. It is necessary to provide and comfortable obrabatyvanie small roughnesses, and on large to avoid full compression of the absorber threatening by its breakdown. Here, as anywhere more, the compromise - optimum balance between comfort and exact roadability is important. The following big problem - a heat buildup. And the above viscosity of a liquid or is less perepusknye than a bucket bore, the above ruggedness of the absorber also is more allocated temperatures at its work. Heat removal - very important problem. But also the minus temperature delivers many problems. At the big minus the oil which is in the absorber, can thicken that will make the absorber more rigid. Characteristics can vary to several tens percent. In this case all solves correct selection of oil. Further a question

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