Basis of a suspender - absorbers (Part I)

The most important thing about a suspender

Absorbers today - it is an integral part of a suspender both on passenger, and by lorries.

Car "suspender" - the general concept. It serves for joint of a wheel with a car body, but irrespective of type and constructive schemes is intended for maintenance of reliable contact piece of a wheel with a road surface and blanking out of fluctuations of the body caused by roughnesses of road and inertial forces at movement.

• At a rigid attachment, blow about roughness is completely transferred to a body, being only a little softened with the tyre, and body fluctuation has the big amplitude and essential vertical speedup.

• At introduction in a suspender of an elastic element (a spring or a spring), the push on a body is considerably softened, but owing to inertia of a body oscillatory process is tightened in time, doing driving difficult, and movement dangerous. The car with such suspender is shaken in every possible directions, and the probability of "breakdown" is high at a resonance (when the push from road coincides with compression of a suspender during prolonged oscillatory process).

• In modern suspenders, in order to avoid the phenomena set forth above, along

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