Autospare parts, classification of absorbers

Trade in spare parts is very well adjusted in Russia. The market of spare parts is wide enough and allows to find the necessary spare parts to any mark of the car. Practically in all shops of autospare parts it is possible to get spare parts to VAZ, UAZ and GAZ as these marks of cars are the most widespread in Russia. The assortment in the shops realising spare parts to cars VAZ, GAZ and UAZ, is very rich. Always in presence: carburettors, gasoline pumps, systems of an exhaust of gases, bearings, elements of a front suspension and a steering, a rack and absorbers, elements of brake parts, clutch elements, krestoviny propeller shafts, autolayer pads and weather strips, system coolings, an electrical equipment, and also drivebelts.

Usually on all autospare parts bought in shops VAZ, GAZ and UAZ is offered a guarantee on installation.

To create comfort to passengers at driving on the car - the main task for avtomobilestroitelej. That a body strongly did not shake on roads, rubber wheels, rubber or poliuretanovye sajlent-blocks, springs-springs-air bags and even podpruzhinennye seats have been thought up. But without what precisely it is impossible to manage on roads - so it without absorbers. The absorber

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