All about ksenone

The quartz-halogen bulb represents a flask with two or one threads nakalivanija. At food giving (as a rule 50В on a passing beam and 100В on distant) there is a thread heating nakalivanija and it starts to be shone.

Because of the big consumption of capacity against ksenona, there is an overheat of a headlight and in rainy weather or in the winter probably occurrence of cracks.

The quartz-halogen bulb has small life cycle from 300 - 700 hours, it as will carry.

Ksenon - inert gas most widely used in medicine. But lately it is actively used and in automotive industry.

In difference from a quartz-halogen bulb, the xenon lamp has no thread nakalivanija.

In a lamp filled ksenonom, from two parties two diodes are located, which give the high-voltage category (to 25 000В) thanks to what gas starts to be shone. From that the standard network of the car is not capable to give such capacity, use blocks rozzhiga (ballasts). Ballasts at use 35В, develop the necessary pressure for rozzhiga ksenona, without creating an overload of an onboard network.

The wide range of pressure from 6В to 32В allows to use ksenon on any cars (whether it be foreign cars, the Russian cars, auto trucks,

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