Acquisition of autospare parts

Original spare parts. Such spare parts establish at factory the manufacturer of the car by its manufacture. The given autospare parts always have original packing and corresponding identification mark with original number. Thus quality of details is guaranteed by manufacturers of the car. In the central warehouses in Europe usually there are in assortment all spare parts for exhausted cars. If what or the detail is absent, it in the shortest terms can be put from factory of the manufacturer. Some autospare parts for foreign cars happen only original, basically it is a little worn out and seldom breaking spare parts (interior details, swivel members, beams of the engine and a suspender, other spare parts)

Stereotyped spare parts. The term "stereotyped" means that autospare parts are on sale not in firm packing of the company-manufacturer of the car, and in packing of the manufacturer spare parts. The most part of such spare parts is made by spare parts of known firms-manufacturers of the spare parts delivering to a detail on assembly lines at times at once of several automobile giants of manufacturers. Such details have packing and identification mark of the manufacturer spare parts and lower cost (the difference in the price

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