Absorbers KAYABA

Being the leader of quality, Kayaba gives a lot of attention to assortment - high quality, great volumes of manufacture and flexibility of the company allow to support the actual offer on 2800 various models of cars (from Alfa-Romeo to Zastava).

Among motorists and experts for a long time it is known that the legislator of the rigid quality standards in the automotive industry world is company Toyota. Requirements to quality of accessories for suppliers of company Toyota considerably surpass requirements of standards ISO 9000. For this reason 52 % of all models Toyota are issued with absorbers KYB. These are such models as Lexus 400, Lexus 200, Lexus Coupe, Camry, Corolla, Carina/Corona, Supra and many other things.

Company Mazda, one more leader on the automotive industry market also are equipped by absorbers KYB. Known models Mazda:323, 626, Xedos (and the lineup is not limited to it), too are equipped by absorbers KYB. And except Toyota, Mazda still Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Honda, Daihatsu where the share of absorbers KYB invariably makes from 30 % for Subaru to 48 % at Suzuki. Well and certainly reliability Mitsubishi Pajero too is provided with absorbers Kayaba.90 of % of all models which are exhausted Mitsubishi, are

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