ABS (antilock brake system) - system of antiblocking of brakes

ABS it is intended for a non-admission of blocking of all four wheels at an emergency brake application or braking on slippery road. The given system on a miscellaneous is designated on cars at different manufacturers, at TOYOTA the designation 4 - ESC is applied.

System ABS consists of the mainframe which by many cars having given system, it is possible to see, having glanced under a cowl, this block is connected by metal tubes to a brake cylinder and a braking system. Are available, also gauges of a rotary speed of each wheel and the computer processing the information from gauges and, giving signals on the mainframe.

If at the moment of braking any of wheels it is blocked, the gauge of a rotary speed of this wheel will give the information on the computer, and it, in turn, will make the decision and will give a signal on the mainframe, as a result, pressure of a brake liquid in a brake highway will decrease also a wheel will be unblocked. During this moment the gauge will give a signal that the wheel again rotates also pressure in a brake highway will be restored. The wheel will be blocked again and there will be an action described above. And so the wheel will be blocked that to be unblocked, is similar to braking on slippery road faltering pressing a brake pedal. Actually the system works still before the wheel will be blocked, when the wheel rotary speed began to decrease sharply and less rotary speeds of other wheels, and system ABS operation almost instant and consequently the wheel has not time to be blocked.

About operation of system ABS the driver learns on corresponding inscription lighting up at this moment on the panel of devices and on pushes in a brake pedal. If the inscription on an instrument board burns constantly it means that the system is faulty owing to breakage or as often happens by cars which run across Russia not one year, is absent one or more gauges of a rotary speed of wheels which have removed at replacement of racks. At faulty system ABS, the braking system works as usual.

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